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Books and audiobooks about addiction, recovery, and living a healthy, productive life in sobriety!

The Sober Journey
Want to improve your chances of staying sober? Prayer and meditation are simple, reliable, and time-tested methods that can help you improve your chances of staying sober and living in peace, serenity, and joy.

sobriety books
Want to know the secret to long-term sobriety? Want to live sober, happy, and free? Try this simple plan about living a healthier, happier life in recovery.

sober body book
Are ready to get healthy and fit now that you’re sober? Do you want to know a simple plan for rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit in sobriety?

my sober journey
Polluted! My Sober Journey is an intimate portrait of the author’s experience getting sober and the stages he passed through to stay clean. Humorous and raw, and always brutally honest, Polluted! My Sober Journey charts the author’s harrowing path from the destruction and despair of a life fueled by substance abuse to the freedom, joy, and purpose he found in sobriety.   
sobriety books

Want to know how to repair your finances in sobriety? Recovering from gambling addiction or substance abuse? There are simple steps you can take to improve your money problems today!


Serenity Prayer Front Cover JPG.jpg

The Serenity Prayer Journal is a beautiful guide to help boost your mood and strengthen your courage. Follow the simple prompts contained in this journal and take this profound prayer into every moment of your day.

What Readers are Saying:

“I've read all of his books and I've found each book more interesting than the one before. His points hit very close to home and are so relateable and easy to read. Highly recommended for your own journey or as a teaching aid to help others.” -- Arden M.


“Author Dirk Foster shows a side of himself that many writers would shy away from, delivering a raw, honest opening to his guidebook that assures readers that he too has been in the depths of despair that they themselves will have experienced. The sense of empathy in the narration never lets up, creating a supportive and understanding atmosphere that clings to every explanation and affirmation as the book continues through not only Dirk's darkest experiences but also his positive and powerful changes.”  -- KC Finn


”The author tackles the subject of sobriety with a brutal honesty that is not only refreshing but uplifting. He gives insightful methods that are invaluable. I loved how he included his personal stories throughout the book.” – Lesley Jones


“Dirk Foster shares his story and helps explain the mind of an addict, which is so helpful to someone watching this journey from the outside.” – S. Clem


“Dirk Foster shares his own experiences with alcoholism and all the steps he followed to stay finally sober. No need to be an addict to read this book because sometimes we know there is someone we love who suffers from addiction and they need some advice about how to get clean. I found this book very motivational especially because Foster shares what he learned after so many years of not having a healthy lifestyle and what he gained by living his new life without addictions.” – S. Dan


“What Foster wants to transmit in this book is basically what he learned after so many years of not having a healthy lifestyle, what he learned about the process of recovery and sobriety and how he could finally get his life back and start all over again.” – Sol Tyler

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