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Books, audiobooks and e-books on alcoholism, addiction, and sobriety.
In addition to being a sobriety coach, I'm also a best-selling author of multiple books.  

Each books focuses on a different stage of recovery including:

Getting sober (Polluted: My Sober Journey)
Health and fitness (Sober Body
Spiritual growth (The Sober Journey
Hope and joy (Sobertude)
Financial peace (Sober and Broke).

Click on the covers to learn about each book or purchase.

I hope they help you on your journey.

Dirk Foster
my sober journey
sober body book
The Sober Journey
sobriety books
sobriety books
What Readers are Saying:

“I've read all of his books and I've found each book more interesting than the one before. Highly recommended for your own journey or as a teaching aid to help others.” -- Arden M.

“The sense of empathy in the narration never lets up, creating a supportive and understanding atmosphere that clings to every explanation and affirmation..." 
-- KC Finn

”The author tackles the subject of sobriety with a brutal honesty that is not only refreshing but uplifting." – Lesley Jones

“Dirk shares his story and helps explain the mind of an addict, which is so helpful to someone watching this journey from the outside.” – S. Clem

“I found this book very motivational especially because Dirk shares what he learned after so many years of not having a healthy lifestyle and what he gained by living his new life without addictions.” – S. Dan

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