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Sobertude! An Attitude of Gratitude in Sobriety

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Excerpt from: Sobertude: 50 Uplifting Habits That Create Gratitude, Abundance and Joy in Sobriety.

Getting sober is never easy. Staying sober is often just as difficult. Giving up alcohol (or drugs) is a great achievement for anyone. If you've managed to get sober, or are currently trying to get sober, congratulations! You've made a great decision that will improve your life and the lives of the people you love. Stick with it and never give up; it's worth the effort.

However, it's important to remember that once we get sober and manage to put away the destructive substances that were harming us, we still have to face life in all of its chaos. There will be daily challenges, turmoil, and difficulties for all of us, no matter how long we've been sober. Just because we get sober doesn't mean the rest of our days on earth are going to be simple and care-free, without disturbances, sadness, or pain. Sorrow and suffering are a part of experiencing a full life, just as much as joy and pleasure. But naturally, we want to experience more abundance, happiness, and positivity than sadness and pain; and that's what this book attempts to provide.

To fully experience all the positivity and abundance that sobriety (and life) can offer, you must cultivate a positive attitude – every day! That's what "Sobertude" means, developing a positive attitude-of-gratitude in sobriety.

· Sobertude means taking daily action to improve your state of mind.

· Sobertude means developing optimism and rejecting pessimism.

· Sobertude means creating joy instead of sadness.

· Sobertude means proactively lifting your mood and spirit.

· Sobertude means cultivating happiness instead of anger.

· Sobertude means contributing positivity to the world.

· Sobertude means seeing the best in others.

· Sobertude means counting your blessings every day.

· Sobertude means accepting your character defects with humor.

· Sobertude means replacing self-pity with gratitude.

It's not enough to simply stop drinking then waiting passively for life to bloom into perfection instantaneously. It doesn't work that way. Instead, you have to take proactive action, cultivating a positive and productive outlook. You have to work on how you feel on the inside so that you can manifest what you want on the outside. Once you do that, it's incredible how quickly every part of your life will begin to improve. Once you start to develop a positive "sobertude," other people will want to spend more time with you, you will experience greater abundance in every part of your life, and you will achieve more serenity and joy.

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