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Sobriety Coaching for Business People, Executives, and High Achievers.

Concerned about the amount you drink?

Want to reduce or perhaps stop drinking?

Are you already sober but struggling?

As a Certified Sobriety Coach I specialize in helping business people, executives, and high achievers who want to explore sobriety or work on staying sober and achieving goals.

As an entrepreneur and businessman who has been sober for many years, I understand the unique pressures involved in struggling with alcohol while trying to succeed and achieve things in life.
Sobriety Coach
Sobriety Coach Dirk
Hello. My Name is Dirk. 
I'm a Certified Sobriety Coach, author, businessman, and entrepreneur. I've also been sober since 2007. 

If you're trying to get or stay sober, I can help.

I've had the honor of helping many people on their journey from alcohol abuse to successful living in sobriety.

If you're sober curious and think that some understanding and guidance from someone who has traveled the same road might help you, please continue exploring all the information provided on this site.
How I can help?
I know exactly how it feels to be trapped in a repetitive cycle of frustration and regret caused by excessive drinking.

As a Sobriety Coach who is sober himself, I can offer the guidance and perspective you need to navigate recovery.

I provide both sobriety coaching and life coaching simultaneously, further strengthening your ability to get and/or stay sober. We can work together on a full range of issues and goals that you want to focus on.

I work with you one-on-one, providing a personalized approach specific to your unique needs and situation.

I incorporate health and wellness goals into your program as well as issues pertaining to sobriety and recovery.

I will track your progress and hold you accountable for achieving your goals as you continue to build upon each success on your sobriety journey.

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